The first entry in any blog is always interesting. Where and when does one begin?

This story began a very long time ago, filtering through Dr Vasey’s meditations.

Gary and I met online through his blog, Asteroth’s Domain several years ago. Our mutual connection to the Servants of the Light piqued my interest and, liking what I read, I emailed him on impulse. We quickly became friends and he sent me a copy of his book, Inner Journeys.

Contact was friendly, but sporadic. Then, by possibly one of the most ridiculous coincidences ever, a couple of years later, I met his son online also, which brought us into closer contact.

If synchronicity wants to bring together three people spread between the Czech Republic, the US and England then there is something worth exploring.

I have never met Gary in person, a situation I would dearly love to rectify in the near future, but email and the occasional phone call have taught me to count him as a dear friend.

Now we await the imminent release of our book, “The Mystical Hexagram; the Seven Inner Stars of Power” by Asteroth’s Books.

Watch this space…..