Even though I am north of fifty-years old, the idea of a new book appearing creates in me the same excitement that Christmas does for my young daughter. I am an impatient bugger and, when it comes to waiting for books, like a four-year old in terms of my patience levels. So, I am just dying to weigh the book in my hand, admire the shiny cover and see if it gets a reaction out there. Then, on to pastures new.

I think this book being so long in the making, is even more exciting. I started work on it in 2006 and honestly had most of it written in a year. The problem for me in finishing it was simply this I think. I was trained as a research scientist and I felt I had to provide proofs and references to support the ideas in the book. The issue was that the more I read other articles and books on topics around the hexagram, the more I began to realize that (a) these were confusing the ideas coming through – painting other colours if you will, that didn’t sit right and, (b) this seemed to be a new idea in many respects so there simply wasn’t much to consult. I had to have faith.

That though caused another issue. There was more I wanted to say but I didn’t have the expertise to be sure it was correct. The relationship between energy centers and the Hexagram was one example. In the end, I understood that it isn’t up to me to provide all the possible answers but just to point out that here is a new way to look at a symbol and I am sure there is more so off you go and explore it too.

Finally, I was ready. But then events occurred that simply meant either I or Sue was otherwise fully engaged in more important things and so time drifted by….. until earlier this year when we resolved to finish the book and then it simply took a few days of effort on both of our parts and that was it. Done. So now we wait our ‘christmas gift’ like excited kids……