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First Review

The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power
Dr. G. Michael Vasey and S.C. Vincent

At the beginning of this very impressive work there is a transcript of a rather touching email between the two authors. ‘Got to get this book out – for the Goddess’ reads one sentence. I am certain The Goddess would be more than pleased with the efforts of Dr. Vasey and Sue Vincent. Obviously the product of years of study and reflection, here we have a scholarly account of a vision, one transmitted to Dr. Vasey by his inner contact Asteroth. Not that Vincent is in any way in his shadow. Her astute and a scholarly account of the Spheres upon the Tree of Life could well be regarded as a reference work in its own right. Vincent has also written other parts of the book herself, edited the manuscript and produced the illustrations.

We are taken on a fascinating journey of discovery, led by the symbol of the hexagram. Still employed as a hallmark of excellence, this geometric pattern of two interlaced triangles has been used by different faiths throughout history. Eventually being associated primarily with Judaism, the ‘Star of David’ or ‘Seal of Solomon’ has within it a plethora of meanings. The very geometry seems inexhaustible – the cross, circle and triangle are all within this one design. Most fascinating of all is the revelation that this six pointed figure has a hidden seventh axis. This mystical number – featuring in the subtitle of the book – is directly connected with that potent constellation, the Pleiades.

In a work centered about magic one would expect the name of Dion Fortune to feature, but it is gratifying to see the often underrated figure of Franz Bardon also given due credit. The listing of the correspondence between the spheres and metals reflect his involvement with alchemy. Dr. Vasey’s exercise to ‘create reality’ – using the hexagram – is prefaced by a clear explanation of the Rosicrucian concept of ‘reality’ and ‘actuality’, another welcome inclusion.

The ‘Tree of Life’ may help us to focus our lives, harmonizing the polarities therein. Dr. Vasey encourages us to employ our imagination in everyday living as well as esoteric practices. Above all The Mystical Hexagram is intended to be a magical guide, one that is a solid contribution to the genre. Meditation exercises of real worth, extensive appendices, and an exposition of the ritual of The Qabalistic Cross (an important part of the magician’s armory) are included in this always diverting book.

Gordon Strong

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The Mystical Hexagram by G. Michael Vasey

The Mystical Hexagram

by G. Michael Vasey

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Back to Fire!

Sometimes, it is good to revisit what we believe that we have learned….

In the context of the Fire triangle, Hod and Netzach can be seen also to represent our experiences. The who we are that is based on our fiery desires and other watery habits as well as the hardened horn of our life experience and hopefully, the motivation to be something, someone better. For us, their location on the Fire triangle speaks to the idea of burning up who we are. In essence burning off our life experiences, over or underdeveloped desire and motivations and our slavery to habit and automatic responses, to replace this self with one that has a sense of motivated purpose that can utilize our experiences positively and develop freedom from ingrained habits and responses. It suggests that we literally throw ourselves on the fire to purify and transform who we are into something more refined, more spiritual, more attuned with the Higher self. For these aspects of ourselves we reconcile the opposites with Fire. We transform through Fire.

From The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power, p. 30