Sometimes, it is good to revisit what we believe that we have learned….

In the context of the Fire triangle, Hod and Netzach can be seen also to represent our experiences. The who we are that is based on our fiery desires and other watery habits as well as the hardened horn of our life experience and hopefully, the motivation to be something, someone better. For us, their location on the Fire triangle speaks to the idea of burning up who we are. In essence burning off our life experiences, over or underdeveloped desire and motivations and our slavery to habit and automatic responses, to replace this self with one that has a sense of motivated purpose that can utilize our experiences positively and develop freedom from ingrained habits and responses. It suggests that we literally throw ourselves on the fire to purify and transform who we are into something more refined, more spiritual, more attuned with the Higher self. For these aspects of ourselves we reconcile the opposites with Fire. We transform through Fire.

From The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power