In our book, we make the claim that the hexagram can be used to reconcile many occult systems and we examine the elements, tree of life, planets and metals in some detail. To be honest, I don’t have much interest in astrology and am no expert at all so I never gave much thought to astrology and the hexagram. It took a visit from my son who wanted to educate me on the The Great Year to make me realize that, in fact, the hexagram may also work to reconcile astrology with other systems of magic.

The hexagram has six points of course. It also has six spaces between those points. In other words, there are 6 points and 6 spaces between points making 12. The hexagram is the symbol of the Sun and so one would imagine that the twelve Sun signs can be arranged around the hexagram in those 12 locations. When we do this, Aquarius is placed at the top of the Fire triangle and Leo at the tip of the downward facing water triangle and every other sign can be arranged between them of course. Now, examine the common attributions of planets to the astrological Sun signs and for the 6 points there is more or less perfect compliance such as Saturn/Aquarius, Aries/Mars, Gemini/Mercury etc. but only to the six signs allocated to the points. Next, take the progression of the Great Year over 26,500 odd years and understand that the circumference of the hexagram represents that Great Year and that each point/space is a Great Month. Again, as the symbol of the Sun, the hexagram is representative of the Great Year.

I am not really up to speed with astrology but it does seem to me from this rudimentary analysis that the hexagram once again reconciles astrology with other systems and, by using the hexagram as a key, much could be gained in adding meaning and significance to astrology.

I would be really intrigued to have comments from any astrology students out there – especially if they have read our book – to do more research into this.