I am reading a book by Anthony Peake at the moment called The Labyrinth of Time….

It made me go back to the Mystical Hexagram to dig up this comment about time that we can surmise when thinking about the Hexagram as a symbol….

In Kether, a point of being, there is no time – it is timeless and eternal – it simply IS. It is simply I AM. But as soon as we start to move down the Tree, as soon as we create the idea of dimensions, our single point becomes a line between two points. One point becomes an unlimited number of points along a vector or direction. In other words, our being now has movement and in having movement we must have a concept in which we can observe such movement – TIME. Time is therefore a construct. It is a constraint on which our reality is based. In actuality, time does not exist because I simply AM. I simply EXIST. But in order to start the process of creation, we need a rule, a marker, an angle with which to experience and that is time. Time is a thus a basic constraint on our reality.

There is a lot more about time in the book…. and to think, all of this from a hexagram!?