G. Michael Vasey has a new book out in the early summer 2013 published by Roundfire. The Last Observer is his first novel but it is steeped in practical magical knowledge and a darned good read at the same time.

SC Vincent said of the Last Observer – “I am in the privileged position of having read the pre-edited version of The Last Observer. The author will tell you I nagged for the next chapter, and to be fair, that is quite accurate. I did.

It is one of those stories that captures the imagination straight away and keeps hold of it all the way through.

As soon as it is available, I recommend you get a copy and see for yourselves.”

The Last Observer is a compelling tale of magic, alternative realities, murder and conflict. An ordinary man is abruptly dragged into the middle of a violent struggle between black and white magicians who both seek to use his extraordinary powers of imagination and observation. He soon learns that reality is not at all what it seems before being called upon to play a decisive role in determining whose reality will prevail.

The Last Observer is in itself both a gripping novel and a fascinating study of the nature of reality and the role we all play in co-creating it.

Please keep your eye out for more information on its release.

Many Thanks,