Beyond Light

I’m sitting in tears today as the final fragment of the Silent Eye launch falls into place. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple… it doesn’t just happen… though this almost did. But this critical part of the weekend has only just been drawn together. We knew what was needed in principle, but had to wait to be shown the how.

Now we know.

And the beauty in it is astonishing.

Yet on paper it looks like nothing, almost silence.

This is often the way with meditations, the sacred drama we will use, the Pathworkings that are voyages in the imagination. On paper they are quite lifeless. It is only when the imagination comes into play and emotion wakens in the inner heart that they take on reality and a life of their own.

You can test this for yourself, very easily. Recite a poem or a prayer learned by rote, something you learned as a child before it held any meaning in your life. Recite it as if it were a stranger and had no depth… as if you were reading entries in a telephone directory. Then recite it again, with all it means to you in every word, all the emotion, all the attachments…speak it with love and memory, and you feel it in every corner of your being.

Guided meditations, Pathworkings, prayer or a simple poem or story, they all work in the same way. The writer notes the words on paper or screen, attempting to capture an elusive vision, something that has sung in their own heart. For them the words have life and meaning, depth and colour, for they see the inner vision from which they were born. With them they seek to evoke a similar emotional response in the reader. But it is a two way process, and the words cannot take on life and colour unless the reader engages with them.

Then it becomes a dance, a duet that transcends space and time, a magical pas de deux where the minds and imaginations of writer and reader meet in a reality beyond the workaday world. Each add their own particular shades and colour to the words, emotive meaning being deeply unique to each of us and an inner landscape comes into being where the mind can wander.

This holds true for any artist seeking to share a vision. Even a painter can only set an image free into the world. It is the viewer’s heart that responds and brings it to life.

In our book, “The Mystical Hexagram”, Gary and I use vivid landscapes painted with word and imagination to take the reader on an inner journey that is one of healing and self-discovery. In the Silent Eye the School will also use this technique, an ancient one in the Mysteries.

The drama used in our workshops is an extension of this and brings the imagination into life, capturing the attention of body, heart and mind, taking the inner dance to new levels.

So today as I read through the document that sets out the simplest of scenes, a shared vision given form in words, I saw it played out on the screen of my heart and felt it there. I felt the emotions it evokes, saw the depth of meaning in the simple directions, brought to life in my imagination in vivid hues and I wept at the beauty it carries and the promise it holds for the future to which we have committed our lives.

Sue Vincent