The Mystical Hexagram

The Mystical Hexagram

The Book by G. Michael Vasey & SC Vincent

About the Authors

The authors – G. Michael Vasey and SC Vincent – had never met in person when the book was published (subsequently they did and it went very much as expected). Despite that, they have a friendship based on shared interests and the ease of communication these days via the mobile phone and internet……

G. Michael Vasey

Dr. G. Michael Vasey (Asteroth’s Apprentice) lives in Brno in the Czech Republic, but is British by birth. He is the author of Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul published in December, 2005 by Thoth Publications (, and many other books. Most of these books are available at or can be purchased using links from this site.

Plagued by strange phenomena and even stranger meetings with like-minded souls, he spent his early life in a state of fear. Late in the 1990’s, after a long period of suppressing his innate psychism, Michael finally decided to investigate the phenomena more closely and, finding the SOL, set about undertaking the school’s course of study. Over 5 years later, he completed the course and realized that he had begun a fundamental analysis of his own character and being. He was a changed person on a spiritual journey accompanied by an inner contact known to him as Asteroth.

Michael is still studying, but has left the SOL where he was a second degree initiate of the SOL. Daily meditation has become a part of his life.

Contact him at [email protected]

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SC Vincent

S.C.Vincent is a Yorkshire born artist, writer and poet. Much of her inspiration is drawn from the inner realms of dream and vision, that strange reality whose symbolism haunts the edges of consciousness. She also has a deep love of her native land and its myths and legends are echoed in her work.

Sue grew up within a strange, eclectic family of artists, magicians and spiritualists. While her paternal grandparents wanted to have her trained as a medium, her maternal grandfather quietly began to teach her the basics of the Qabalah.

Sue has studied within the Western Mystery Tradition for over 35 years is a student and Initiate with the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science.

She has written and taught meditation and visualisation courses and is currently working on the designs for a new Tarot as well as several other books. Her books can be found here.

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