The Mystical Hexagram

The Mystical Hexagram

The Book by G. Michael Vasey & SC Vincent

About the Book

The Mystical Hexagram book is to some extent a follow on and extension of Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth, 2005). Inner Journeys is an account of what it is like to study with a School of Occult Science and The Mystical Hexagram is what came through during the course and subsequently during meditation. For about 6-years, I was on and off obsessed with the Hexagram and its meaning as a symbol. Asteroth had given me a lot of half formed knowledge about it that needed to be considered and completed. That was the first challenge. The second was finding the time to actually write!

Eventually, I asked Sue Vincent if she could help me get it finished. She tried some of the early meditation exercises and kept her results faithfully in a diary, she offered to help with artwork and general editing too. Somewhere along the way then, it just seemed natural that she should also contribute chapters on the Hexagram itself, The Tree of Life and so on. Besides which, two people’s energies somehow help get the job done faster and with more relish than just one. Pretty soon, hey presto!, we had a manuscript.

The next step was to publish it. Originally, it was published by Datura Press but the second edition is published via Asteroth’s Books.

That’s the story! But what is next? Well, maybe some weekend sessions on the book are planned too. we will see.

Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Prague, July 2012


“…write a short bit about how the book arrived from your point of view”. Gary has a way of dropping these clipped sentences full of consequence into the conversation.

It was a similar phrase that saw me suddenly involved with the Mystical Hexagram. Gary had been bouncing ideas for some time and I volunteered to try some of the meditation exercises he wanted to include. Two things quickly became apparent to me. Evidently, I felt he was on to something. Hovering around the edges of consciousness there were flashes of illumination, just out of reach, demanding to be further explored. Secondly, that the exercises could be expanded, to make them both easier for the novice and yet hold more potential for a more experienced reader.

We took it from there.

Gary’s mind works fast, bounding between ideas. My Virgoan soul likes method, so I worked my way through the exercises we put together, test running them. The results were surprising and opened new inner vistas for me.

From an abstract idea the book evolved to present a new perspective on an ancient symbol that could be explored and experienced by the reader in a very practical way.

For myself, I have found the entire experience invaluable and life-changing.


Buckinghamshire, July 2012


The book may be purchased from Amazon.

The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars Of Power

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