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The Exercises

Our book features a number of exercises. The exercises are meant to help both reinforce the concepts outlined in the book as well as to guide you in a voyage of inner discover regarding the hexagram. However, to be effective they must be followed somewhat rigorously and we strongly recommend that you note your reflections, thoughts and realizations down in a well structured magical diary. Include as you do so not just the daily exercises but any other realizations that you might have during the day and also any dreams that you recall during your study of the hexagram.


The exercises are designed to take a week each of six daily meditations with a rest day on the seventh day of the week. Each meditation session should last between 15 and 45 minutes. You may commence meditation with whatever opening sequence you are familiar with but you should absolutely invoke the Qabbalistic Cross prior to beginning each daily exercise.

Depending on the results obtained, readers may wish to repeat each week’s meditations several times before moving onto the next set of exercises. Repetition of each set of exercises up to four times may be useful in reinforcing the concepts and providing layers of insights and realizations. This is entirely up to the individual.

Here is the first set of exercises;

The Hexagram and the Elements
Week One: Fire is the First born
Day One:
Before commencing the meditation session, draw a triangle with its single point upwards on a large piece of tracing paper. Study your drawing and then place the triangle you have drawn into memory so that you can easily visualise the triangle that represents the element of Fire.
Meditate on and visualise this symbol as clearly as you possibly can, holding the image firmly in the mind’s eye, while reflecting on the nature of elemental Fire as both hot and expansive. Think of the qualities discussed earlier in this book. Try to connect to the polarities implicit in the characteristics of Fire.

Day Two:
Meditate further on the polarity implicit in elemental Fire. Try to find as many examples of this polarity and then visualise them in action. After your meditation session, write the polar opposites down on the two basal points of your Fire triangle diagram.

Day Three:
Meditate on how the polarities that you came up with yesterday can be reconciled. Explore the single third point of the Fire triangle – what is it? What does it represent? What happens when you think of reconciling the pairs of polar opposites you have thought of? Write down anything that you come up with on your Fire triangle diagram.

Day Four:
Visualise the Fire triangle again and try to keep in mind the ideas and realisations that you have come up with so far and written on your diagram. The idea is to try to hold the triangle in mind as a whole including the ideas on polarities and their reconciliation in totality. Try not to visualise the triangle as it is on the paper with notes scribbled around it, but as a whole and complete symbol with the ideas of polarity inherent within it. Record any additional realisations as well as how this makes you feel.

Day Five:
Today, you will build a mental picture of a fire. Imagine the flames licking upwards in multiple colours, feel the heat of the fire on your skin, smell the acrid smell of the smoke from the fire and try to hear the sound of the fuel burning and crackling and spitting. See the fire. Picture it clearly. See the action of its burning.

Use any aid to this visualisation that you can. For example, recall memories of a beach bonfire or Guy Faulks’ night bonfire that you experienced as a child. Call up the smell of wood smoke. Feel the heat on the side of your body turned to the flame; watch the pictures forming in the embers of red and gold and note the blackened, silvered timbers as they burn. Be childlike in your exploration of this image, sounds and smell of fire. Enjoy the Fire and be totally absorbed by it.

Day Six:
Rebuild your mental picture of Fire as you did yesterday. Feel it, smell it, hear it…and then go one step further. Now, become the Fire. Be fire. Burn as a flame rising upwards. Dance and flicker, become all the qualities of pure flame. Become the flames, become the fire. Imagine what it is like to be a Fire. What emotions do you feel? What sensations?

Record your feelings, insights and experience in as much detail as you are able.

Day Seven:

Buy the book at Datura Press or directly from the author.

Hexagram’s Everywhere

Hexagram’s pop up everywhere if you look closely…..

1-Karlovy Vary 034






So, if you want to learn a good deal more about this symbol, you could start with our book?

Another New Review

Posted on…by Andrew.

Amazing book, a work of passion and dedication. This book isn’t simply another in a long line of books, but a true work of Art. A pure love for his subject, Dr. Vasey points out in a veiled way, the multiple connections needed for association and identification with this number.

I find coming from Hermetics, this book expands the number six. The number Six is important when one gets to the level of ‘Quabbalist’. One will realise the significance of this at that stage. But for the intermediate student, it is always good to plant seeds in ones mind that they grow in time, and this book is ideal for that purpose.

Lets hope Dr, Vasey receives inspiration about the other numbers in due course.

Dance of imagination

Beyond Light

I’m sitting in tears today as the final fragment of the Silent Eye launch falls into place. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple… it doesn’t just happen… though this almost did. But this critical part of the weekend has only just been drawn together. We knew what was needed in principle, but had to wait to be shown the how.

Now we know.

And the beauty in it is astonishing.

Yet on paper it looks like nothing, almost silence.

This is often the way with meditations, the sacred drama we will use, the Pathworkings that are voyages in the imagination. On paper they are quite lifeless. It is only when the imagination comes into play and emotion wakens in the inner heart that they take on reality and a life of their own.

You can test this for yourself, very easily. Recite a poem or a prayer learned by rote, something you learned as a child before it held any meaning in your life. Recite it as if it were a stranger and had no depth… as if you were reading entries in a telephone directory. Then recite it again, with all it means to you in every word, all the emotion, all the attachments…speak it with love and memory, and you feel it in every corner of your being.

Guided meditations, Pathworkings, prayer or a simple poem or story, they all work in the same way. The writer notes the words on paper or screen, attempting to capture an elusive vision, something that has sung in their own heart. For them the words have life and meaning, depth and colour, for they see the inner vision from which they were born. With them they seek to evoke a similar emotional response in the reader. But it is a two way process, and the words cannot take on life and colour unless the reader engages with them.

Then it becomes a dance, a duet that transcends space and time, a magical pas de deux where the minds and imaginations of writer and reader meet in a reality beyond the workaday world. Each add their own particular shades and colour to the words, emotive meaning being deeply unique to each of us and an inner landscape comes into being where the mind can wander.

This holds true for any artist seeking to share a vision. Even a painter can only set an image free into the world. It is the viewer’s heart that responds and brings it to life.

In our book, “The Mystical Hexagram”, Gary and I use vivid landscapes painted with word and imagination to take the reader on an inner journey that is one of healing and self-discovery. In the Silent Eye the School will also use this technique, an ancient one in the Mysteries.

The drama used in our workshops is an extension of this and brings the imagination into life, capturing the attention of body, heart and mind, taking the inner dance to new levels.

So today as I read through the document that sets out the simplest of scenes, a shared vision given form in words, I saw it played out on the screen of my heart and felt it there. I felt the emotions it evokes, saw the depth of meaning in the simple directions, brought to life in my imagination in vivid hues and I wept at the beauty it carries and the promise it holds for the future to which we have committed our lives.

Sue Vincent

Thoughts & Prayers Wanted…

Many of you will know that Sue Vincent, my co-author on the Mystical Hexagram as well as a good friend, has been suffering from a severe digestive tract problem for some time, and has been living in considerable pain, while she waits for an exploratory operation. Yesterday, while traveling back from a walking weekend in the North of England, she had to stop the car just off the M6 motorway in Cheshire and call for an ambulance. She is now in Crewe hospital and was being assessed for emergency surgery last night (Tuesday 27 March).

Please keep Sue in your thoughts and prayers and send her some healing light.

Many Thanks.

The Last Observer

Dr. G. Michael Vasey has a new book out in the early summer 2013 published by Roundfire. The Last Observer is his first novel but it is steeped in practical magical knowledge and a darned good read at the same time.

SC Vincent said of the Last Observer – “I am in the privileged position of having read the pre-edited version of The Last Observer. The author will tell you I nagged for the next chapter, and to be fair, that is quite accurate. I did.

It is one of those stories that captures the imagination straight away and keeps hold of it all the way through.

As soon as it is available, I recommend you get a copy and see for yourselves.”

The Last Observer is a compelling tale of magic, alternative realities, murder and conflict. An ordinary man is abruptly dragged into the middle of a violent struggle between black and white magicians who both seek to use his extraordinary powers of imagination and observation. He soon learns that reality is not at all what it seems before being called upon to play a decisive role in determining whose reality will prevail.

The Last Observer is in itself both a gripping novel and a fascinating study of the nature of reality and the role we all play in co-creating it.

Please keep your eye out for more information on its release and, stop by its Facebook page.

Many Thanks,

A New Review

By Alienora Taylor – our thanks to her for this… You can find her excellent book, Long Leggety Beasties, here.

At the start of this remarkable book, and referring, in this instance, to symbols, the authors wrote, ‘…reaching into the viscera of humankind,’ a phrase which struck me forcibly – and which, to my mind, encapsulates beautifully what Vasey and Vincent have achieved in their writing.

Part intellectual journey, part esoteric exploration, at all times eminently readable, this short book takes us on a voyage of discovery through the deep seas of The Tree of Life, symbolism, Tarot, planets/metals, numerology, astrology, psychology, and alchemy.

Centring upon the Great Work – a concept which can be understood both exoterically and esoterically – the chapters examine, in commendable depth and detail, the manifold connections contained within these two triangles, six sides and Solar middle point.

Starting with an overview of the historical context, the authors trace the importance of the symbol to mankind, from its manifestation in early caveman art right through to the present day. This link to our common mythology, our global history, is both warming and, in a sense, poignant. The hexagram can be seen to represent something we forget at our peril: That we are all one, are all part of the totality of experience.

Moving on to the history of, and many associations with, the hexagram itself, Vasey and Vincent provide a detailed analysis which is absorbing, moving and, in every sense, enlightening. They also, in this section, refute the demonic rumours with which it is surrounded – and, in so doing, make us think about our own prejudices and preconceptions, not just about the hexagram, but about symbols generally.

Polarity and the reconciling of opposites, Fire and Water, Man and God, ‘As above, so below’: Without wishing to spoil the pleasure in store, let me just say that all of these form a vital part of the equation. And, the further on one reads, the clearer it becomes that the hexagram is a key to connection rather than division: That it has the potential to unlock our Higher Selves.

I was enormously impressed with the sections dealing with the deep, and enduring, connections between metals, Planets and the individual Sephirah of The Tree of Life.

That reach into the gut was given a startling kick on page 41, with, ‘…we were created to create…’
So true – and, sad to relate, so easily forgotten in the often destructive tide of life – the above phrase is a salutary reminder of something at the heart of all human lives.

The second part of the book consists of practical exercises in the form of a series of meditations. I shall certainly be setting aside time in which to do these. They would, I feel, fit in well with any of the mainstream esoteric courses – and, for those not esoterically trained, would be of enormous value in terms of personal growth and relaxation.

The final two chapters are, in my opinion, extremely helpful. The overview of the Tree of Life Sephiroth is invaluable revision for those of us already familiar with the basics, and a clear guide for those who have not yet experienced them.
The detailed Qabalistic Cross chapter provides a clear framework for all meditation work, regardless of one’s individual religious beliefs.

The book’s cover is wonderful: The black background reminds us of mystery, the absence of light, the nothing before the world, whilst the orange-gold colour of the Hexagram speaks of warmth, fire, Sun, Solar strength and courage. The sub-title is extremely effective: 7 is a resonant and symbolic number; stars are always something to reach for and aspire to, and the word ‘Power’ is inevitably a brilliant hook!

I have now read the book twice, and fully intend to dip in again at the earliest opportunity. The combination of the authors’ writing skills, S.C. Vincent’s artistic talent and their wonderful visionary abilities make this a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

Alienora Taylor. 16.2.13

The Hexagram and the SOL

I was on the SOL website the other day and a rather obvious thing struck me. The symbol of the SOL is a hexagram! It has six candles and a bee in the center. I checked around the site but found no explanation of what the symbol means in the context of the SOL.

Anyone know?

A New Site

For those interested, Dr. G. Michael Vasey has a new static site. You can find it here.

eBook Version

The eBook version of The Mystical Hexagram is about to become available from Datura Press. Don’t have details yet on pricing but I have a copy and it looks really good on my iPad. Contact Datura Press for more details…..