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The Exercises

Our book features a number of exercises. The exercises are meant to help both reinforce the concepts outlined in the book as well as to guide you in a voyage of inner discover regarding the hexagram. However, to be effective they must be followed somewhat rigorously and we strongly recommend that you note your reflections, thoughts and realizations down in a well structured magical diary. Include as you do so not just the daily exercises but any other realizations that you might have during the day and also any dreams that you recall during your study of the hexagram.


Hexagram’s Everywhere

Hexagram’s pop up everywhere if you look closely…..

1-Karlovy Vary 034






So, if you want to learn a good deal more about this symbol, you could start with our book?

Another New Review

Posted on…by Andrew.

Amazing book, a work of passion and dedication. This book isn’t simply another in a long line of books, but a true work of Art. A pure love for his subject, Dr. Vasey points out in a veiled way, the multiple connections needed for association and identification with this number.

I find coming from Hermetics, this book expands the number six. The number Six is important when one gets to the level of ‘Quabbalist’. One will realise the significance of this at that stage. But for the intermediate student, it is always good to plant seeds in ones mind that they grow in time, and this book is ideal for that purpose.

Dance of imagination

Beyond Light

I’m sitting in tears today as the final fragment of the Silent Eye launch falls into place. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple… it doesn’t just happen… though this almost did. But this critical part of the weekend has only just been drawn together. We knew what was needed in principle, but had to wait to be shown the how.

Now we know.

And the beauty in it is astonishing.

Yet on paper it looks like nothing, almost silence.

Thoughts & Prayers Wanted…

Many of you will know that Sue Vincent, my co-author on the Mystical Hexagram as well as a good friend, has been suffering from a severe digestive tract problem for some time, and has been living in considerable pain, while she waits for an exploratory operation. Yesterday, while traveling back from a walking weekend in the North of England, she had to stop the car just off the M6 motorway in Cheshire and call for an ambulance. She is now in Crewe hospital and was being assessed for emergency surgery last night (Tuesday 27 March).


The Last Observer

Dr. G. Michael Vasey has a new book out in the early summer 2013 published by Roundfire. The Last Observer is his first novel but it is steeped in practical magical knowledge and a darned good read at the same time.

SC Vincent said of the Last Observer – “I am in the privileged position of having read the pre-edited version of The Last Observer. The author will tell you I nagged for the next chapter, and to be fair, that is quite accurate. I did.

It is one of those stories that captures the imagination straight away and keeps hold of it all the way through.

A New Review

By Alienora Taylor – our thanks to her for this… You can find her excellent book, Long Leggety Beasties, here.

At the start of this remarkable book, and referring, in this instance, to symbols, the authors wrote, ‘…reaching into the viscera of humankind,’ a phrase which struck me forcibly – and which, to my mind, encapsulates beautifully what Vasey and Vincent have achieved in their writing.

Part intellectual journey, part esoteric exploration, at all times eminently readable, this short book takes us on a voyage of discovery through the deep seas of The Tree of Life, symbolism, Tarot, planets/metals, numerology, astrology, psychology, and alchemy.

The Hexagram and the SOL

I was on the SOL website the other day and a rather obvious thing struck me. The symbol of the SOL is a hexagram! It has six candles and a bee in the center. I checked around the site but found no explanation of what the symbol means in the context of the SOL.

Anyone know?

A New Site

For those interested, Dr. G. Michael Vasey has a new static site. You can find it here.

eBook Version

The eBook version of The Mystical Hexagram is about to become available from Datura Press. Don’t have details yet on pricing but I have a copy and it looks really good on my iPad. Contact Datura Press for more details…..